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         To be a professional means to have acquired skills, knowledge and gain any proper credentialing, or licensing required to practice in a professional area.  Characterized by or conforming to the technical, or ethical standards of a profession. 
         Even if no license is required you want to have a learned skill set that you can begin to master and demonstrate that you have the knowledge to operate, and practice in your business as a professional successfully.
         To master infers to the superlative, or the exact.  Because learning is infinite we are all subject to continued learning, and becoming more masterful and excellent in our chosen field of expertise.
       Whereas most people think of an investor as one who puts money to use, by purchase or expenditure, in something offering potential profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in real estate, or other endeavor such as retirement funds.   One must be open to change in terms of being an advocate of restoring, and  protection of things and places.  Improving the overall  quality of the land, community and neighborhoods. 
       An investor is a person who allocates, or commits capital.  Investors utilize investments in order to grow their money and/or provide an income during retirement, such as with real estate, or an annuity; investors commit capital with the expectation of financial returns. 
      An investor may also be one who works with other professionals, private land owners, federal, state, and local governments  to help manage, improve, and protect the neighborhoods, communities,  the land and it's current resources.  An Investor may be one who restores or initiates to help make places usable again, and available to the community for use.
     The investors of the pass may have taken a casually view often inconclusive approach while assuming a high business risk in hope of gain.
      The days of Speculative investing are fading.  Investors are taking a more informed and educated approach to investing.   They are using tools, reports, and various professionals to analyze the outcome of their projects. 

       As an Investor, or coach on real estate  investments our subject matter is for informative purposes only. Altho information, knowledge and understanding is power Investors, and Realtors are not Lawyers, CPAs, or Financial Planners. You should always have your contracts, taxes, business, plans etc. reviewed by an attorney and or licensed financial advisor or licensed person in a particular expertise before completing a transaction.

            The Investor is a provider, the one who utilizes his resources to pick up and changes the face of the community making it more acceptable, attractive, appreciated and usable by the community, building lives, and building the future for all concern.   


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  Disclosure  and Disclaimers
  Please Read  Before Registration

              Registration in Texas Lifestyle Real Estate and Investments (Investors club) as a member for meet ups is totally  voluntary, and does not  constitute, or guarantee a contract in a real estate transaction.

             The information in our website are not a complete description of services and benefits as a member. Limitations, and restrictions may              apply, additional fees may apply for additional services which depend on participation.

              Network and non network vendors contracted or non-contracted are under no obligation to service club members.  Service by vendors          are generally at will contracts and are created on a case by case basis to be agreed upon by the participating parties of that contract.  Membership, or Vendor participation does not include insurance coverage by our E & O insurance.   We encourage you to make a determination through research and consultation with an attorney, or other professional before entering into  a  contract.   

             Members must pay for additional services as required by Texas Contract Law, and required by the vendor (s) they choose to do business with according to specifics and the contractual agreement between the engaged parties.  Texas Lifestyle Real Estate and Investments, nor Texas Lifestyle REI will not be held responsible for non fulfillment of contracts made by members with vendors and other parties.  We do not guarantee, or insure vendors, or their work.   Membership in this real  estate investors club does not constitute, or guarantee a partnership in a real estate transaction, or discounts of services.  
             Memberships do not constitute exemption, or pre qualification for other services i.e. lender requirements, contractor requirements, state  law  requirements,  etc.  Members are not obligated to use our network of vendors.

          The vendor network may change at any time. Texas Lifestyle Real Estate and Investments or (Investor club) is not required to give       
 notice of change.  Check with each vendor individually as to their availability.
              Your involvement, or registration as a member, or vendor includes allowing Texas Lifestyle Real Estate and Investments and Texas         
 Lifestyle REI Club to include you, your picture, or name in media presentations, as a part of the Texas Lifestyle Real Estate and   
Investment, Texas Lifestyle REI Club advertisements, and promotionals, the participation is freewill, and does not constitute any  monetary payment for use of pictures or commentaries from you  at any time, unless under specific contract for payment of advertisement 
              In the state of Texas, You have the right of return and entitled to refund minus processing fee if request is made within the state         
constituted time frame. 

              Meet ups are for exchange of information, to meet and greet only. Meetups are tentatively scheduled monthly, you are not required to attend all meetings as a member'; occasionally a meeting, or         
event date and time change may occur with notification.                                   

              By Registering you agree to the terms and stipulations of these written disclosures and disclaimers.

       Register if your interested in becoming apart of the  Texas Lifestyle REI Club,  as a vendor, or to be an  Investor, and attend investment  semeniars and meetings.   Let us know about your interest  Tell us about yourself and how to contact you.  Limited Membership  availability

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